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Discacciatti 105SM deluxe adjustable piano stool in mid mahogany gloss


Currently out of stock
  • Medium Mahogany gloss frame with a wide range of colour tops available
  • Italian made, high quality piano stool
  • Height adjustable: 48 - 58cm
  • Imported directly from the Discacciati factory in Italy
  • Our best selling, single, adjustable piano stool
The Discacciati 105SM single adjustable piano stool has been the mainstay of our range for many years. It is durable, very well made and competitively priced. At Chamberlain Music we deal directly with the Discacciati factory located in Barlassina, Italy and purchase in huge quantities. This ensures that we can offer the very best prices and while holding a vast selection of finishes in stock.

The piano stool itself is constructed on a robust, wooden frame which is then stained and lacquered in a variety of different finishes. Each leg is then securely bolted to a metal bracket with a nut and spring washer for stability. The adjustable mechanism is built for longevity, again from thick metal and is smooth to operate and offers 10cm worth of height adjustment. This makes it great for different age groups and the stool is consequently very popular with schools, colleges and domestic pianists alike.

The seat is foam padded dralon which is comfortable and available in a wide range of colours as follows:

  • Beige

  • Black

  • Black leather

  • Black simulated leather

  • Brown

  • Brown leather

  • Brown simulated leather

  • Dark blue

  • Gold

  • Green

  • Pale blue

  • Pink

  • Wine red

  • Sand ice

  • Looking for a duet adjustable piano stool? The Discacciati 106SM is worth a look!

    The Discacciati Company
    Discacciati are 3 generation owned family company originally set up in 1890. They manufacture bespoke piano stools, benches and music stands in Barlassina - Italy's most famous area of Italian design and fashion.

    Their products are now distributed throughout the world and we have been importing a range of stools for over 20 years. The quality of workmanship speaks for itself - we are not aware of a single breakage...ever!