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Yamaha C1XTA TransAcoustic Grand Piano

RRP £27,960

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  • 5'3'' with 88 keys and three pedals
  • A small but powerful domestic model
  • Bespoke CX series hammers, soundboard and backpost configuration
  • TransAcoustic technology turns the piano's soundboard into a speaker
  • Layer digital sounds on top of the acoustic piano sound via transducer technology
  • Includes all benefits of a Silent Piano and more!
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

An acoustic piano with a volume control, or a digital piano with strings? Yamaha's latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. TransAcoustic is the name they have given to a new breed of piano. At its most basic level, it turns the soundboard into a“loudspeaker". This means that any sound can be delivered through this naturally resonant piano component.

What is the new Yamaha C1XTA TransAcoustic grand piano?

The C1X is a wonderful choice of domestic piano, small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces yet with enough string length and soundboard area to produce a lovely warm and resonant sound. Recently redesigned the current CX series pianos benefit from upgraded stringing wire, bespoke hammers and a redesigned frame of backposts to improve resonance and the difference is really noticeable! To make the C1X an even more attractive proposition, Yamaha have extended the reach of their new TransAcoustic technology to include the C1X and C3X models making them also quite versatile instruments.

TransAcoustic is everything you would expect from a Yamaha piano - high-level playability, long lasting durability and a beautiful sound quality. However, there are times when the full sound of an acoustic piano may not be appreciated by those around you! For these situations, simply activate the TransAcoustic function and the hammers will no longer strike the strings, and you will hear the sampled sound of a Yamaha CFX concert grand, transmitted through the soundboard. Clever transducers vibrate the soundboard using it as a 'speaker cone' thus removing the need for any external speakers, you can even control the volume or choose from a selection of 19 instrument voices to include pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichord and strings! The vibrations from the soundboard cause the whole piano to resonate in the same way it would in acoustic mode, producing a natural resonance that is simply not possible in a conventional digital piano.

You can connect any external sound source or connect a USB memory stick to play along with pre-recorded backing tracks, and because the instrument is a real, fully strung and resonant piano, the natural sympathetic vibrations of the soundboard, case and more significantly strings add a completely new dimension to performance. The instrument is also iPad compatible - download Yamaha's piano diary app to keep track of your progress or to upload your performances to social media sites!


TransAcoustic system:

  • Binaural CFX sampling for Silent mode. Stereo CFX sampling for TransAcoustic mode
  • Non-contact continuous detection optical sensors on each key
  • Continuous detection on the sustain pedal
  • 256MB wave memory
  • 256 note polyphony
  • 4 reverb settings
  • Motor driven silent activation
  • Silent audio output jacks
  • New controller design
  • 19 Voices, plus 3 dual voices
  • 480XG sounds + 12 drum/SFX kits for MIDI file playback
  • 53 preset songs
  • USB port
  • Audio WAV recording
  • Metronome
  • Transpose function
  • Adjustable pitch, touch sensitivity, string resonance, damper depth and sustain depth

Acoustic piano:

  • 5'3 CX series grand piano
  • 88 note keyboard
  • Ivorite (satin) white keys
  • Natural ebony black keys
  • 3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
  • Newly developed C series bespoke hammers
  • 3 position lid prop
  • Soft closing keyboard fall
  • Lockable lid and keyboard fall, supplied with 2 keys

All Yamaha pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses. Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.

Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years on acoustic parts, 2 years on electronics

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