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Yamaha CLP-785 digital upright piano

Yamaha CLP-785 digital upright piano


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  • Flagship upright piano style model of the Clavinova CLP Series
  • GrandTouch™ keyboard with counterweights, 88-key Linear Graded Hammers
  • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
  • 53 voices + 14 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG voices, including 4 fortepiano voices
  • New Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • Wireless connection to the Smart Pianist app via Bluetooth® MIDI

Introducing the NEW Yamaha CLP785 digital upright piano

Please note: This product is sold in the name and on behalf of Yamaha Music Europe. The Yamaha General Terms and Yamaha Data Protection Information will be applicable

GrandTouch™ keyboard

Using Yamahas latest technology, this keyboard allows the pianist more varied expression than ever before. Each of the 88 keys features full realistic weighting in the form of Liner Graded Hammers (a first of its kind), the CLP785 will respond to every nuance of touch making this not only a great piano for expressive performance, but also such a joy to play. For an even more accurate piano feel, Yamaha have recreated the sensation of the escapement mechanism near the bottom of the key dip. The click that is synonymous with this mechanism is only discernible with the lightest of keystrokes, much like that of a grand piano.

The GP Response Damper Pedal

Clavinova digital pianos feature a damper pedal that continually detects depression depth and allows halfpedaling, which lets players make minute adjustments to pedal depression and return, changing the depth and character of their piano sound. The GP Response Damper Pedal offers a grand piano-style resistance curve, starting out light to the touch and growing heavier as the pedal is depressed further. This allows players to become accustomed to the nuances of delicate pedalling.

Newly sampled Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial voices

Yamaha have taken piano samples from several world-renowned concert grands. The first is their top-flight grand piano, the CFX - used and loved in concert halls around the world. The second is the Imperial from Bösendorfer, a time-honored Viennese piano brand with an ardent following. Yamaha faithfully reproduces the idiosyncrasies of these concert grand pianos by carefully recording the entire tonal range of each of the 88 keys, making minute adjustments to capture the most harmonious tones each piano has to offer.

Period instrument voices open the door to the world of classical music

The CLP-785/795GP are Yamaha’s first instruments to be equipped with the voices of the fortepiano, the predecessor to the modern piano. The sounds emitted by a fortepiano are simpler than those of a modern piano, and decay much more rapidly. Hearing the sounds of the instruments played when the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin were composing their songs should illuminate the original intent behind the notes on the page.

Powerful tools for education

Use time tested practice aids, such as the widely accepted and proven methods from Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller to practice your right and left hands separately, or just enjoy listening to them. Alternatively, connect your smart device wirelessly with Bluetooth and have fun playing along and learning any songs on your device. You can also connect wirelessly to the Smart Pianist app, allowing you to add a beautiful graphic interface and a variety of incredible features to your compatible Yamaha digital piano.

Available with 3 months free Flowkey

Flowkey is one of the world’s most popular apps for learning to play the piano. Even beginners can learn to play a wide array of songs on their acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard in next to no time. Choose your favourites from a wide range of songs and start playing right away or learn in the traditional way with one of the many tutorials available. All you need to do is:
  • register your new acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard on the Yamaha Music Member Europe (YMME) portal
  • obtain your individual code from the members’ portal
  • enter your code when registering on the flowkey website
You will then have premium access to the app free of charge for three months.
Please note, this product features Yamaha's 5 year extended warranty, subject to registration.