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Kawai F-301 pedal unit for ES-110 digital piano


Currently out of stock
  • Triple pedal unit for Kawai ES-110 digital piano
  • Gives your ES110 the same 3 pedals as a Kawai concert grand piano
  • Half pedaling capability on damper pedal
  • Not free-standing, to be used in conjunction with HML1 keyboard stand only
  • Pedal unit fixes to the stand for stability - no movement while playing
  • Piano style pedals in a casing to match the finish of your ES110
Optional triple pedal unit for Kawai ES110 portable digital piano, giving the instrument the same three pedals as found on an acoustic grand piano. Piano style chrome finish pedals with half pedalling damper pedal, in a casing to match the finish of your ES110. Affixes to the optional HML1 stand (not included) for stability and no unwanted movement while playing. it is worth noting that this cannot be used independently of the HM-4 stand so for performance you can only use the damper pedal supplied with the piano. Pictured with HM-4 stand and Kawai ES110 digital piano - not included.