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Irmler 'Studio' F148 baby grand piano

RRP £10,370

Currently out of stock
  • 148cm (4'11) baby grand piano in an elegant polished cabinet
  • 5 year Bluthner backed warranty
  • 88 keys and 3 pedals including sostenuto
  • Built from high quality European components in the world's largest and most advanced piano factory
  • Elegant styling with brass fittings and a soft closing keyboard fall
  • Finished at the Bluthner factory in Leipzig, Germany
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

What we think of the Irmler F148 grand piano:

Commissioned by the Bluthner Piano Company and built to their specification by Pearl River, the Irmler F148 baby grand piano is the smallest model in the Irmler range. At only 4'11 in length this makes a wonderful domestic choice or indeed for the smaller school hall or practice rooms. It is constructed from high quality European components and while assembled in China is finished off at the Bluthner factory in Germany where stringent quality control measures are put in place to ensure the piano is of the very finest quality. It has a distinctly European tone, warm and mellow with a singing treble and makes for a great comparison with the popular Yamaha GB1K.

Also available as a 'Silent piano', this allows the player to 'switch off' the acoustic element of the piano and practice privately with headphones. A wonderful and great value addition to your acoustic piano this allows you to select from 80 different sounds, including pianos, electric pianos and orchestral sounds, record your performance and even use your acoustic piano as a MIDI controller. Supplied with a good quality set of headphones for private practice the Moontime system also has audio outputs to connect to external speakers.

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