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Irmler 'Europe' P132E upright piano

RRP £6,190

Currently out of stock
  • 132cm upright piano with solid soundboard
  • Also available with 'Moontime' Silent system
  • High quality European design
  • Top of the range upright piano with 88 keys and 3 pedals including celeste for quiet practice
  • Traditionally styled casework with brass castors, available in a range of wood veneer finishes
  • Voiced, regulated and tuned at Bluthner's facility in Leipzig prior to delivery
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

What we think of the Irmler P132E traditional cabinet upright piano

The Irmler P132E upright piano is the largest model in Irmler's 'Europe' range. At 132cm tall it has much longer strings and a bigger soundboard than the P116E or P122E, and consequently offers the richest and most resonant sound. It is the same size as the industry standard U3 but offers a very different playing experience indeed. If you are looking for a reconditioned Yamaha U3 we would certainly recommend that you give the Irmler P132E a try, we think it's a cracking instrument!

Designed by Bluthner and made from high quality components Irmler pianos are fine instruments that combine European design values and precision engineering with excellent value. Each piano is 'finished' at the Bluthner piano facility in Leipzig, including voicing, regulation and fine tuning and the result is a high quality piano throughout.

The 132cm frame size of the P132E makes it a perfect choice for the advanced pianist, professional or teacher and this with its well designed action makes it a very capable piano. It is available in a wide range of attractive finishes including walnut, cherry, mahogany and bubinga wood veneers.

Also available as a 'Silent piano', this allows the player to 'switch off' the acoustic element of the piano and practice privately with headphones. A wonderful and great value addition to your acoustic piano this allows you to select from 80 different sounds, including pianos, electric pianos and orchestral sounds, record your performance and even use your acoustic piano as a MIDI controller. Supplied with a good quality set of headphones for private practice the Moontime system also has audio outputs to connect to external speakers.

A brief history of Irmler Pianos:

1818 - Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler founded his company in the musical city of Leipzig. Within a few years his instruments gained great popularity facilitating the construction of a brand new factory including its own steam power station. This major investment underlined the growing demand for his instruments in these early years.

1842 - Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler invented a new action for grand pianos, enabling much faster repetition than ever before and better control. For his revolutionary efforts he was honoured by the King of Saxony with the Great Golden Saxony Royal State Medal, the highest award of the state of Saxony.

1889 - The reputation of Irmler's grand pianos started to gain recognition from outside of the German Empire. Numerous instruments were exported, mainly to the thriving Russian empire and the Scandinavian kingdoms.

1900 - Irmler received many prestigious awards, such as the Great Golden and the Golden Medal of his Majesty the King of Saxony. He was appointed the official purveyor of pianos to the Court of his Royal Highness the Duke of Mecklemburg-Schwerin, and his Highness Duke of Anhalt.

1943 - Along with many other piano manufacturing firms, including today's parent company Blüthner, the factory was bombed and burned to the ground. The factory buildings on Leplay Street and the retail outlet on Turner Street were completely destroyed. Soon after the end of World War II the Irmler family decided to resume production, but under the Russian occupation it was very difficult the re-establish an environment suitable for piano manufacture. When Mr Irmler passed away the family escaped to West Germany and in 1953 the East German administration dismantled the company.

1999 - The Irmler Piano Company was re-established, based on the design and manufacturing philosophies of Johann Gottlieb Irmler.

2000's - Today, Irmler Piano GmbH manufactures affordable instruments that combine high quality with superb value for money and is thriving once again.

The Moontime Silent System was launched, combining digital and acoustic piano technologies making it possible to play an acoustic piano silently and listen through headphones.

All Irmler pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses. Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.

Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years

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