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Used Yamaha S6 SH Silent grand piano in polished ebony - SOLD

This piano is sold

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  • c.2014, Serial No: 6367240
  • A stunning handcrafted 6'11 grand piano, handmade in Japan and considered the perfect size
  • Fitted with Yamaha SH Silent system enabling private practice with headphones
  • 88 keys with ivorite synthetic ivory naturals and wood composite sharps
  • Only one domestic owner, lightly used and in as new condition
  • A refined and resonant instrument with a solid soundboard, polished black cabinet and brass fittings
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

The 6'11 Yamaha S6 is an instrument of rare perfection, treasured by those lucky enough to own one. Powerful and expressive and incredibly well balanced, the S6 has become a leading choice for performance and teaching worldwide and can be found in many of the most prestigious performance venues and music colleges. Expertly handcrafted from the finest materials, the S6 is capable of a huge range of expression, and factory fitted with Yamaha's SH Silent system it becomes a very versatile instrument indeed.

When the SH Silent System is activated, a rail moves between the hammers and the strings to 'switch off' the acoustic piano. Highly sophisticated optical sensor technology then captures the detailed movements of each key and you can hear the beautiful sound of a Yamaha CFX or Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano through your headphones - play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others!

The Yamaha CFX sample has Yamaha's acclaimed Binaural Sampling giving an incredibly 'acoustic' sound through headphones, like the piano is in front of you rather than right in your ears. You can also play along with MIDI files, and use the USB audio recorder to record your performances as a CD ready file to your USB memory stick.

In an elegant polished ebony cabinet with brass fittings and exquisite curves, our used Yamaha S6 Silent grand piano has had only one domestic owner since purchased new in 2014 and has seen comparatively little use.

Worth considering against a Steinway Model B or Yamaha C6X, our used Yamaha S6 SH Silent grand piano is on display and ready for selection.


Yamaha SH Silent system:
Binaural CFX sampling
Non-contact continuous detection optical sensors under each key
Non-contact 2-point optical fibre sensor for each hammer
Continuous detection damper pedal
Key off samples and smooth release
256 note polyphony
19 Voices
480 XG Voices, 12 drum/SFX kits for MIDI playback
Adjustable reverb, brilliance
20 voice demo songs
USB port
Audio .WAV file recording
MIDI (SMF) recording and playback
Transpose -12 - 0 - +12 in semitones
Master tuning 414.8 - 440.0 - 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
Auto power-off

Acoustic piano:
6'11 S series grand piano
88 note keyboard
Ivorite (satin) white keys
Natural ebony black keys
3 pedals - damper, sostenuto and soft
Bespoke S Series hammers
3 position lid prop
Soft closing keyboard fall
V-Pro vacuum cast frame

All Yamaha pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses. Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.

Chamberlain Music warranty: 5 years on acoustic piano, 2 years on electronics