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Yamaha P Series

Yamaha P Series

There are two models in the P Series as follows:

  • P116: 116cm
  • P121: 121cm 

Yamaha’s P Series pianos are aimed at the European and UK market, and are built in their modern manufacturing facility in Indonesia. The most important differences between the P and U Series are a softer and more “European” tone produced by an Austrian spruce ‘Strunz’ soundboard, a European style voicing of the hammers and softer styling with more rounded edges than the angular U1 and U3.

There are two models in the range, the P116 and P121 which are 116cm and 121cm tall respectively. The P Series was originally manufactured in the UK, with production transferring to a new manufacturing facility in 2008. At one step below the professional U series the P116 and P121 are excellent home and practice room instruments.