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Available finishes

New pianos are usually available in a selection of different finishes, the most popular of which is polished ebony, or shiny black. Otherwise known as black polyester, this finish comprises a lacquer which is sprayed onto the cabinet and highly buffed to produce a lustrous and luxurious shine, and is incredibly strong and hardwearing.

Many manufacturers offer models in a variety of finishes including mahogany, rosewood, oak, alder, walnut, beech, and cherry. Some manufacturers also produce highly decorative art case models, along with rare and exotic wood finishes such as Macassar, Palisander Rosewood, and Bubinga.

Some manufacturers, including Blüthner, offer a colour matching service – if you have a specific shade or colour which the piano needs to match then let us know and if you can send us a sample, they can make it!