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Second-hand Yamaha C & G series

For many years the Yamaha C Series has provided some of the world’s best-selling pianos, combining fabulous build quality and reliability with exceptional value for money. While the design has moved on significantly in recent years, used examples of the previous generation C & G Series instruments remain popular and we always try to have a good selection in stock.

Each piano is cleaned and polished, before it is transported from the workshop to the showroom, where our technician carries out a bespoke regulation and voicing. Popular models include the Yamaha C1, C2 and C3 from the late 1990s, along with the C1L, C2L and C3L from the mid-2000s but our stocks do change regularly. Often these used examples can be around half the cost of a brand-new equivalent so are worth considering against a new GC or GB Series instrument.