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Yamaha CX Series

There are six models in the CX Series as follows:

The Yamaha C Series, formerly known as Conservatoire Series, has been the cornerstone of Yamaha’s grand piano range for decades and has become the industry standard for practice and performance grand pianos the world over. You can find Yamaha C Series pianos in performance venues, schools, churches, conservatoires and private homes across the world and they are renowned for their inherent build quality and stability. If you are looking for a reliable grand piano which will provide many years of service with minimal maintenance, look no further than a Yamaha C series grand piano.

The current range, known as the CX Series was launched in 2012 following a complete ground up redesign, based on the flagship CFX concert grand and they are better than ever before. The back frame of the piano is 20% thicker than that of other pianos in order to provide stability and power, while the crown of the soundboard has been redesigned to enhance projection. Its hammers are specially designed and are covered in the same felt as the CFX, while the pedal box has been specially designed to withstand even the most vigorous pedalling.

Yamaha C1X & C2X

The C1X and C2X are compact enough to fit in most homes while producing the tonal quality expected of a Yamaha C Series grand piano, and a step up in quality from the GC1 and GC2. The two pianos share the same action assembly and the only real difference between them is the length. The C2X has a longer speaking string length and a more expansive soundboard area, and consequently a richer and more resonant tone.

Yamaha C3X & C5X

The Yamaha C3 has been the most popular Yamaha grand piano since its inception and remains one of the bestselling grand piano models of all time. At 6’1 in length it is beautifully proportioned, and it is at this point in the range that the bass strings are of the length to produce the power and projection required of a performance quality instrument. Its keys are longer than those in the C2X and C1X too, giving the piano a more balanced and responsive touch.

It is for these reasons that the C3 has for many years been the recording and touring instrument of choice for the world’s most prolific recording artists. The C3X shares its action mechanism with the larger C5X whose extra length results in enhanced clarity and power. The soundboard of the C1X, C2X and C3X is constructed from Alaskan spruce, whereas the C5X soundboard is produced from Austrian spruce for improved tonality and warmth.

Yamaha C6X & C7X

Yamaha’s C6X and C7X models share the same action mechanism and the only real difference between the two is the size. The C6X, at 6’11 in length is the same size as such class leading instruments as the Steinway Model B, the Blüthner Model 4 and Yamaha’s own S6 and CF6 models. This size is considered the perfect size of grand piano for a balanced and resonant tone and is commonly found in conservatoire practice rooms and in many recording studios too.

Capable of a huge range of expression and subtlety, the C6X is a firm Chamberlain Pianos favourite and we always try to have an example on display and ready for selection. The larger C7X is, at 7’6 in length, the top of the range CX Series model. Fitting size-wise just below the CFX concert grand and known as a semi-concert grand, the C7X is a concert performance piano through and through and has found a home in many prestigious schools and music venues around the world.