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Yamaha SE Series

There are two models in the SE Series as follows:

Yamaha’s SE series is something very different to the other series in Yamaha’s catalogue. It is hailed as a unique collaboration between East and West, combining the European piano building heritage of Bösendorfer with the precision engineering and expertise of Yamaha’s Japanese artisan craftsmen. A real step up from the U and YUS Series, the SE Series is designed to rival offerings by Steinway, Blüthner and Bechstein and is handcrafted in the CFX concert grand facility in Hamamatsu.

The action is made by Renner, a world-famous German manufacturer who provides the actions for Steinway and Blüthner instruments. The strings are hand wound and the soundboard is crafted from solid Bavarian spruce. The result is a warm and resonant tone, somewhat more mellow than the YUS and U series pianos with an incredibly precise touch. There are two models in the SE series, the SE122 at 122cm tall and the 132cm tall SE132, the longer strings and larger soundboard area of which give the SE132 a much greater depth of tone and resonance.