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Yamaha U1: 1970s vs present day

A new piano is always more refined than a reconditioned instrument, largely owing to technical developments and improvements in technology over time. In the case of the Yamaha U1 and U3, a new piano is constructed with improved quality component parts including under-felted hammers, with such useful features as a long music rest for large scores and a kitchen drawer style soft closing lid to prevent trapped fingers. Technically the piano is different too, numerous changes have been made to the action design to ensure a higher level of response while the number of wooden back-posts has been increased from four to five to provide enhanced stability and resonance. Additionally, the latest generation U3 has what is called a 'floating' soundboard, a unique method of affixing the soundboard into the piano to allow it to resonate more freely.

A new U Series upright however is approximately double the price of a reconditioned example from the 1970s, and therefore these reconditioned instruments are incredibly popular. The quality of workmanship on our reconditioned pianos is excellent, our technician gives his stamp of approval to each piano and sets them up beautifully, ensuring the piano delivers optimum performance and tonal quality, and each comes with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.