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G820 grand piano dolly - set of 3

RRP £399

Currently out of stock
  • British built, metal castor dollies for grand pianos with 3 legs
  • Ideal for a school, theatre or church where the piano is likely to be moved around frequently
  • An Easy-Fit model with 'cups' - no DIY or modification of the piano required
  • Three twin-wheeled castors per dolly
  • Make your piano much easier to move
Make your grand piano much easier to move and reduce the risk of damaging the floor surface, without spoiling it's appearance. A-frames are not always ideal as they have metal bars between the legs of the piano, which can be unsightly. This system offers many of the benefits of an A-frame, include making the piano easier and safer to move for just one person, while also spreading the weight and reducing the risk of damaging the floor surface. Made in the UK, these are solidly constructed and also don't require any modifications made to the piano.