AP-550BK - Casio Celviano AP-550 digital piano Black
AP-550BK - Casio Celviano AP-550 digital piano Black
AP-550BK - Casio Celviano AP-550 digital piano Black
AP-550BK - Casio Celviano AP-550 digital piano Black

Casio Celviano AP-550 digital piano - Black

brand: Casio
Stock code: Casio AP-550BK
  • A stylish and authentic sounding digital piano
  • 2-channel 4-speaker sound system
  • Utilises advanced sound technology
  • Comes with an adjustable-height piano bench
  • Three distinct and elegant colour variations available
  • Get more with the free Casio Music Space app and included WU-BT10
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Info Full description

Introducing the CasioCelviano AP-550 digital piano

Embrace the rich and intricate expressions of an authentic grand piano with Casio’s powerful and stylish AP-550. Merging the advanced performance capabilities of a classic piano with a more contemporary design, Casio have created a unique instrument that expands on playing possibilities to enhance player freedom.

The AP-550’s sound system has been created to provide the natural resonance of a traditional grand piano, the keyboard achieves superior playability through the fusion of hammer action mechanics and digital control technology, and the three-pedal system enables delicate pedal work, carefully capturing the subtleties of a grand piano.

If you’re seeking an exceptional musical experience in a compact form factor that will seamlessly integrate into any room, then the Celviano AP-550 digital piano is the perfect choice for you.

Advanced sound technology

This versatile and innovative digital piano utilises Casio’s advanced sound technology to produce captivating melodies and tones tailored to the songs, genres, and playing styles you love, allowing you to personalise your performance.

Smart hybrid hammer action keyboard

The Celviano edition of the smart hybrid hammer action keyboard combines the hammer action mechanism of a grand piano with digital control technology. It features precise control not just during key presses but also by adjusting the key release speed, allowing you to delicately control the timing of dampening. It also offers expressive playability with varied touch sensations based on the playing style and range. The white keys are made with a hybrid material of spruce wood and resin, ensuring a natural feel and a luxurious finish.

Authentic feeling pedals

The pedals have an optimised shape and spacing that is designed to give players the same control and comfort as a grand piano. The AP-550 also features a continuously variable damper pedal and a soft pedal that supports half-pedalling, enabling stable and delicate pedal control.

Simulate the sound of a grand piano

Explore tonal changes based on your playing velocity with AP-550’s multi-dimensional morphing technology. Dive deep into the inner workings of a grand piano's resonance with the meticulously crafted string resonance system. Achieve beautiful tones that are generated from a vast array of waveform variations with lossless audio compression. Toggle between four levels of tonal variation that corresponds to the opening and closing of the grand piano lid with the lid simulator. Experience two grand piano tone, which lets you embrace the essence of historical masterpieces passed down through the ages. And experience the authenticity of the AP-550’s sound with the mechanical sound system, which simulates various mechanical sounds.

Sound-enhancing modes

Customise your piano experience to suit your style with the sound mode function, which adds various effects to the sound output from the acoustic system, and enjoy an expansive sound when using headphones with the specially tuned headphone mode.

Enjoy making music

The incorporated visual information bar on the front panel allows for visual confirmation of playing velocity, pedal operation, tempo, and beat through the clear and helpful light indicators, letting you sound the way you want to with ease. And with continuous recording, which covers up to 270 seconds previously, the instant replayer allows you to revisit your performance anytime without worrying about actively recording. Plus, the volume sync equalizer allows for balanced sound across all frequencies, even when playing the piano at a reduced volume, which is ideal for home practice during the evening or any quiet moments.

Wireless MIDI and audio adaptor

Use the included wireless MIDI and audio adaptor (WU-BT10) to wirelessly connect with your smart device, enabling audio playback through the instrument's sound system and MIDI data communication.

Free Casio Music Space app

Explore a variety of features that expand the graphical editing of the instrument's functions and enhance your piano experience through the dedicated Casio Music Space app.

Spec Specification
Number of keys:88
Key material:Hybrid of wood & resin
Touch response: 5 sensitivity levels, off
Sound source: Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR
Number of tones: 26
Maximum polyphony: 256
Built-in songs: 60
Lesson function: Part ON/OFF (Part Select: right hand, left hand, both hands)
User song expansion: 10 songs (max.) Up to approximately 320 KB/song
Demo songs: 2
Recorder data capacity: 270 sec.
Tracks: 2 tracks (1 system track + 1 solo track), 1 song
USB memory: 99 songs max. approximately 25 min/song
Pedals: 3 built-in pedals
Half-damper pedal operation: Yes
Speaker size: 12cm x 2 + 3.5cm x 2
Speaker system:2-channel/4-speaker
Power supply: [AC Adaptor] AD-E24250LW
Amplifiers: 20W+20W (maximum output)
Power consumption: 20W
Dimensions: 1,401 x 440 x 891 mm (w/o music stand)
Weight: 49.5kg
Included accessories: Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10), Music Stand, AC Adaptor (AD-E24250LW), Adjustable-height Piano Bench, Headphone Hook
Acoustic simulator: 88-Key Digital Scaling
Hammer Response (4 levels, tone, off)
Key Off Response (3 levels, tone)
String Resonance (4 levels, tone, off)
Damper Resonance (4 levels, tone, off)
Key Action Noise (4 levels, tone, off)
Damper Noise (4 levels, tone, off)
Lid Simulator (4 levels, tone)
Key Off Simulator
Effects: Chorus (4 levels, tone)
DSP (Preset for some tones)
Sound mode: Hall Simulator (4 types) / Reverb (8 types), Surround (2 levels), off
Layer/split: Yes
Octave shift: -2 octaves ~ 0 ~ +2 octaves
Tuning control: A4 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz
Transpose: -12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones
Scales: Equal temperament + 16 variations
Metronome: Off, 1 to 9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255 Tempo Marking Setting, Tap Tempo
Audio playback: Yes
Top board open/close: Yes (1 level)
Headphone mode: Yes
Duet mode: Yes
Volume Sync EQ: Yes
Features: Visual Information Bar
Touch button:6(Tone Select button:1)
Slide-type keyboard cover
Auto Power Off
Auto Resume
Operation Lock (ON / OFF / AUTO)
USB port: Yes (Type-A, Type-B)
Connector for 3-pedal unit: Yes
PHONES/OUTPUT: 2 Stereo standard phone jack (TRS phone)
Wireless functionality: Included:Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10)
Bluetooth Audio Profile:A2DP, Codec:SBC
Bluetooth MIDI Profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)
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