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Kawai GX-3 grand piano

RRP £25,999

Currently out of stock More expected 1st January 2022
  • A versatile and powerful professional series instrument, 6'2 in length
  • Beautifully built in Japan with a solid spruce soundboard
  • Elegant polished ebony cabinetry with soft close fallboard and brass fittings
  • Class leading Millennium III ABS-Carbon action with mahogany hammers
  • Neotex key surfaces for a tactile and luxurious touch
  • A refined and resonant instrument with duplex scaling for a sparkling treble

Introducing the Kawai GX-3 Grand Piano

The Kawai GX-3 is, at 6'2 in length, a go-to model for practice and performance, and is perhaps the most obvious rival to the Yamaha C3X. It sits neatly in the middle of the GX range and is a great choice for the home or indeed the school hall.

While based on the same frame as the GL50, it is a real step up in refinement with superior quality components, a thicker rim, Neotex key coverings and benefiting from a more in depth technical setup at the factory.

The GX-3 also benefits from the groundbreaking Millennium III ABS-carbon action, delivering an incredibly responsive touch with superb balance and control.

Dominic Barnett – Chamberlain Pianos

Millennium III Action

The ground-breaking Millennium III Action utilises components made of ABS-Carbon—a composite material infused with carbon fibre. ABS-Carbon is incredibly strong and rigid, meaning that GX Series action parts can be made lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.

Specially selected tonewoods

In order to produce Kawai’s unique tone, a broad range of woods are meticulously analysed for quality and character. The soundboard has arguably the most significant influence over a piano’s individual tonal elements. Therefore, woods that conform to the most rigorous gravity and propagation velocity standards are carefully selected by experienced craftsmen in order to achieve rich, deep bass tones, and bright, colourful, sustaining treble tones. The bridges, ribs and the inner-rim are also carefully considered, resulting in a broad range of sound which allows even greater expressive power.

Soft-closing fallboard

The Kawai GX range also benefits from a soft-closing lid or fallboard, lending a luxurious air to the elegant cabinetry and also resulting in no more trapped fingers!

Premium, underfelted grand piano hammers

In order to realise the pianist’s infinite range of expression, the GX Series utilises premium mahogany hammers with felt prepared from the finest quality long-haired New Zealand and Australian wool, for a soft, delicate exterior, but tight and rigid on the inside. When playing pianissimo, the strings are struck by the delicate exterior felt to produce a soft and gentle tone, while fortissimo passages utilise the tighter, harder interior felt, thus producing a louder, more powerful sound. Moreover, all hammers are under-felted in order to further improve their resilience.

Quality control and bespoke setup

With fantastic build and component quality, the Kawai GX-3 is tuned, regulated and toned several times before leaving the factory to ensure a perfect technical setup and superior tonal quality

More useful information

Owner's Manual GX Series Brochure How to care for your Kawai Piano
ActionActionMillennium III
Key SurfaceNEOTEX
Hammer CoreMahogany
Hammer Feltwith underfelt
ConstructionSound Board MaterialSpruce tapered
Sound Board Size1,33 m²
Duplex ScaleYes
Agraffes1st - 54th key
Softfall Key LidYes
Lid Props3
Music Rack AdjustableYes
Music Rack HardfinishYes
DimensionsLength188 cm
Width152 cm
Height102 cm
Weight334 kg

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