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Why choose us?

When you purchase a new upright or grand, you are taking delivery of a piano that has undergone a considerable amount of technical work so that you receive an instrument that performs at the very top of its capabilities.

Each piano has its own unique sound, or voice. If one were to try out 2 or 3 examples of the same model, the differences in the natural materials found in the piano’s components (wood, felt, leather) can lead to subtle differences in its tone. If you have identified a piano in our showroom that you favour over another, then that is the piano that we will deliver.

Our piano technicians continuously monitor each instrument that we have in stock. Changes in a piano’s environment affect its tuning, and once an instrument arrives with us it is given a week or so to ‘settle’ and acclimatise in its new location. We then carry out a tuning, and we work on the piano’s voicing and regulation as required. When a piano is sold, the process is repeated to ensure that everything is correct at the time of delivery. Shortly after your piano has been delivered, we will appoint a tuner to contact you to arrange the first tuning of the instrument in your home or performance space. This tuning is included in the price of the piano.