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Yamaha GC Series

There are two models in the GC Series as follows:

One step up from the GB1K is the GC Series. There are two models in the range, the GC1 and GC2, and these are the first grand piano models in the line-up to be produced at the main factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. At 5’3 and 5’8 respectively, these models are the same size as the C1X and C2X from the coveted CX Series but based on a previous generation design to ensure good value.

If the budget and space will allow and won’t quite stretch to the CX Series, it is certainly worth considering a GC1 or GC2 over the GB1K. Refinements of the GC series over the GB1K include higher quality hammers with under-felt, adjustable reach on the music desk so you can bring the music closer, and obviously the additional string length and soundboard area of a larger piano.