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Yamaha YUS Series

There are two models in the YUS Series as follows:

The Yamaha YUS series builds on the quality of the U series with even further refinement. The YUS1 and YUS3 are each built on the same frames as their U1 and U3 counterparts yet are handcrafted in the concert grand workshops of the Hamamatsu factory. With mahogany hammers rather than maple, the tone is punchier and the denser lamb’s wool hammers produce a warmer and richer tone. Hand-wound copper bass strings provide an even deeper bass resonance and softer styling with a soft-closing fall board (which retracts into the body of the instrument) gives an air of elegance.

The top of the range YUS5 is built on the same frame as the YUS3 but has an opening front panel for enhanced projection, along with longer keys for a more responsive touch and the same ‘Ivorite’ synthetic ivory natural keys as the CX series grand pianos for improved grip. A hand operated muffler rail in addition to the sostenuto pedal make the YUS5 a perfect choice of upright for the home and performance space alike, delivering grand piano performance and value yet taking up a fraction of the space.