GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title
GX-2-EP - Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony Default title

Kawai GX-2 grand piano in polished ebony

brand: Kawai
Stock code: Kawai GX-2-EP
  • A great size for the home at 5'11 in length
  • Beautifully built in Japan with a solid spruce soundboard
  • Elegant polished ebony cabinetry with soft close fallboard and brass fittings
  • Class leading Millennium III ABS-Carbon action with mahogany hammers
  • Neotex key surfaces for a tactile and luxurious touch
  • A refined and resonant instrument with duplex scaling for a sparkling treble
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Info Full description

Introducing the Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano

The Kawai GX-2 measures 5'10 in length which is a great domestic size - small enough to fit but large enough to produce a noticeably richer and more resonant tone than a smaller baby grand, particularly in the bass and tenor registers. A wonderful choice for the home and equally suited to the smaller school hall or performance space, the 180cm GX-2 has very similar dimensions to the Boston GP178, Steinway Model O and Yamaha C2X grands.

Kawai GX Series grand pianos benefit from the groundbreaking Millennium III action, with ABS-styran components infused with carbon fibre resulting in an incredibly responsive touch with superb balance and control, and long lasting accuracy.

The GX-2 is produced at Kawai's main production facility in Japan and is a worthwhile upgrade from the GL Series models, benefitting from enhanced design features and a more comprehensive setup at factory level.

Also available as an 'Anytime' ATX4 model for silent practice using headphones, and also with the latest AURES2 transducer technology - play quietly without headphones, layer digital and acoustic sounds and use your piano as a natural speaker system!

Dominic Barnett – Chamberlain Pianos

A perfect blend of time honoured craftsmanship and innovation

The design concept of the GX Series is to pursue new details of elegance and to utilise modern materials and manufacturing process to improve performance, all while preserving the time honoured and treasured design of an acoustic grand piano. A traditionally styled cabinet with elegant sweeping curves, wide music desk with specially designed hard finish to prevent scratches and soft-closing fallboard encloses a considered and technologically advanced instrument.

Millennium III Action

The ground-breaking Millennium III Action utilises components made of ABS-Carbon—a composite material infused with carbon fibre. ABS-Carbon is incredibly strong and rigid, meaning that GX Series action parts can be made lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.

Tapered, solid spruce soundboard

The purpose of the soundboard is to amplify the vibrations of the piano’s strings to produce a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for soundboards, rigorously tested to ensure their exacting quality standards are met. Each one is strategically tapered to provide the optimum degree of resonant movement in each region. Materials for the rim of the piano are carefully considered, a layered hybrid of different hardwoods designed to enhance rigidity and consequently power and projection.

Premium grade hammer materials

The hammers of the GX2 are of solid mahogany, covered with a refined hammer felt from the finest quality long-haired Australian and New Zealand wool. With a soft exterior and solid core, the hammers are specially designed to respond perfectly to pianissimo and fortissimo playing and deliver a broad range of tonality, while a layer of underfelt provides long lasting resilience.

Duplex scaling

Duplex scaling enables the non speaking parts of the string to resonate, thus enhancing the harmonics produced in the upper tenor and treble registers and adding a wonderful richness to the tone.

Quality control and bespoke setup

With fantastic build and component quality throughout, the Kawai GX-2 is beautifully set up by Kawai's factory technicians. Known as 'Circles of Refinement', technicians regulate the action and voice the hammers before the piano is played in by machine, and the process repeated over and over again. This brings out the very best tonal quality and ensures the action is perfectly adjusted. Our technicians regulate and service the piano once more at our Haslemere piano workshop prior to delivery, thus ensuring the piano is ready for a lifetime of service.

Upgrade your piano experience with Kawai

Kawai has teamed up with Zapiano, Skoove and Tomplay to offer a free 3 month trial period for each platform when you register your new Kawai acoustic upright, grand or digital piano.


Intuitive app-based piano learning with interactive online lessons on your tablet or smartphone, Skoove offers real-time interactive feedback to assess your progress.


With free unlimited access to more than 70,000 interactive music scores, Tomplay offers you the opportunity to play music alongside high-fidelity recordings from pro musicians. Its innovative interactive technology lets you adjust the tempo, visualise different fingerings in real time, loop selected passages and record your performance, while the music automatically scrolls on-screen.


Zapiano interactive piano courses are specially designed for adult learners, and tailored to your musical taste and playing ability. Unique features of Zapiano include comprehensive support and personal video feedback, with live streams and exclusive interaction with other members of the Zapiano community.

More useful information

GX Series Brochure How to care for your Kawai Piano 
Spec Specification
ActionActionMillennium III
Key SurfaceNEOTEX
Hammer CoreMahogany
Hammer Feltwith underfelt
ConstructionSound Board MaterialSpruce tapered
Sound Board Size1,23 m²
Duplex ScaleYes
Agraffes1st - 54th key
Softfall Key LidYes
Lid Props3
Music Rack AdjustableYes
Music Rack HardfinishYes
DimensionsLength180 cm
Width152 cm
Height102 cm
Weight324 kg
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