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Yamaha YUS5 upright piano

Yamaha YUS5 upright piano


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  • Flagship YUS series upright piano, designed with the advanced player or teacher in mind
  • As close as you can get to a grand piano without actually buying one!
  • High grade hammer felt and the same 'ivorite' key tops found on Yamaha CX Series grands
  • Includes sostenuto pedal and lever operated celeste rail for quiet practice
  • Tilting music desk that also enhances sound projection from the front of the piano
  • Available as SH Silent piano, TransAcoustic and standard acoustic

Introducing the Yamaha YUS5 Upright Piano

The YUS5 is the top of the range YUS Series model, and while built on the same 131cm tall frame as the YUS3 it is a completely different animal. Designed to appeal to those who require grand piano performance but cannot accommodate one, the YUS5 benefits from the same Ivorite synthetic ivory and wood composite key coverings as the CX Series grand pianos, while longer keys than the YUS3 deliver a more 'grand-like' touch and response.

A tilting music rest also opens a sound chamber on the front of the piano, enhancing projection while the soft closing fallboard retracts beautifully into the cabinet.

A firm Chamberlain Pianos favourite and quite simply exquisite.

Also available with Silent and TransAcoustic Technology - allowing you to play with or without headphones, any time of day or night.

Dominic Barnett – Chamberlain Pianos

Design heritage and expertise

The design of the Yamaha YUS Series is based on that of the industry standard Yamaha U Series, a range that has been 65 years in the making and is the leading piano of choice for music teachers, amateur pianists and professionals all over the world.

Bespoke handcrafting and refinement

The Yamaha YUS Series is semi-handcrafted at Yamaha's concert piano facility in Hamamatsu, Japan by the same craftsmen who produce the class leading CF Series concert grand pianos. Wooden components come from Yamaha's wood processing plant in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, including the solid Alaskan spruce soundboard. These parts are specially selected for maturity and harmonic quality.

Superior component quality

The finest quality upright hammers available are selected for the YUS series, which are shared with the flagship SU7 upright, while the bass strings are hand-spun.

Luxurious, elegant cabinetry

Yamaha YUS Series pianos are beautifully proportioned, with luxurious touches including a leather lined music desk and a soft-close fallboard which retracts into the cabinet of the piano to avoid spoiling the elegant, classic upright styling.

Low maintenance costs

Each instrument leaves Yamaha workshops in optimum condition, with the highest level of quality control and ready for a lifetime of service. The piano is then bespoke-prepared by our in house technical team prior to sale to bring out the very best qualities of each individual instrument.

More useful information

How to care for your Yamaha Piano
Width152cm (59 3/4")
Height131cm (51 1/2")
Depth65cm (25 1/2")
Weight253kg (558lbs)
Number of keys88
Pedal typeSoft / Sostenuto / Damper
Caster typeDouble casters

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