B2ETC3-PE - Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano - polished ebony Default title
B2ETC3-PE - Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano - polished ebony Default title
B2ETC3-PE - Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano - polished ebony Default title
B2ETC3-PE - Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano - polished ebony Default title

Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano - polished ebony

brand: Yamaha
Stock code: Yamaha B2ETC3-PE
  • The first traditional style upright piano in the B series range and 113cm tall
  • Elegant traditional cabinetry with castors
  • Full size 88 note keyboard
  • Yamaha's latest TransAcoustic TC3 technology
  • Uses the soundboard as a natural loudspeaker
  • Headphone sockets for use as a silent piano
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Info Full description

Introducing the Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic upright piano

The b2 is the mid-range model in the b Series and is the first model in the whole Yamaha lineup that comes in a traditional style cabinet. This gives it the elegant front pedestal legs and castors making it easier to move, while the wider cabinet helps give the b2 a richer tone than the b1 as there is more space inside the instrument for the sound to resonate.

First and foremost an acoustic piano, a TransAcoustic piano is a versatile tool which combines the best features of a digital piano with the inimitable resonance and feel of an acoustic instrument.

Specially positioned transducers transform the piano's soundboard into a natural loudspeaker, meaning you can practice at a lower volume without wearing headphones.

Dominic Barnett – Chamberlain Pianos

Upgrade your sound with £1000 cashback

Yamaha is offering an astonishing £1000 cashback on their b Series TransAcoustic™ (TC3) pianos. Until 31st July 2024, you can claim this brilliant offer when purchasing any of the b1 TC3, b2 TC3 and b3 TC3 models in-store! Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what we've got available in our showroom.

TC3 TransAcoustic system

The new TransAcoustic b Series Pianos feature advanced technology, and have been equipped with a volume control feature. It is also possible to play silently through headphones and the new TransAcoustic technology will allow you to adjust your piano volume, so you can play without disturbing anybody.

Even at low volumes, the soundboard still vibrates so you can enjoy the physical sensation of natural acoustic sound as you play.

Realistic acoustic sound

TransAcoustic technology employs a mechanism of resonance keyed by the soundboard through a digital tone generator. The initial sound created is small but is amplified by the soundboard and the entire body of the piano serves as the resonator. This creates a very realistic playing experience.

Creating acoustic sound from digital audio sources

Although the sounds are created digitally, there is no need for a speaker unit. The included transducers prevent the hammers from striking the strings and convert the digital signals into vibrations which are then relayed to the soundboard. The soundboard then amplifies the vibrations and the sound reaching your ears is as rich as that of an acoustic piano.

Still an acoustic piano

Despite all the extra technologies that have been added to this range of TransAcoustic pianos, it is still a genuine acoustic instrument. Yamaha has created pianos that allow players to develop and express themselves with a rich sound and reliable quality.

Volume controls

The new TransAcoustic feature makes it possible to play with a true acoustic piano, or alternatively, switch on TransAcoustic mode and use the included volume control features to continue playing during anti-social hours.

With this new technology, your piano becomes a speaker so you don't have to wear headphones or use unwanted cables. Although the sound is being created digitally, the soundboard still vibrates and the strings still resonate so the feel of an acoustic piano is maintained.

Practice in silence

This new range of TransAcoustic pianos is also equipped with SILENT Mode. Plug in your headphones and enjoy the realistic piano sounds at any time without disturbing anyone with a realistic experience which is enhanced with the binaural sampling.

Binaural sampling creates a truly spacial and immersive sound while you wear headphones. The piano sounds like it is in front of you rather than in your ears, which also reduces fatigue and enables you to practice for longer!

Sounds taken from professional grands

Sampling the sounds from two concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial have been chosen for their harmonious tones which have been captured and faithfully reproduced for the purposes of the TransAcoustic technology.

These two world renowned concert grand pianos are joined by a long list of other keyboard instrument voices, including electric piano, harpsichord and organ.

Download the Smart Pianist app

Smart Pianist connects your iOS or Android device to the piano via Bluetooth, to remotely control the instrument's sounds, control the record facility and metronome and even display music notation on screen. The app will also scan your iTunes library and produce a basic score so you can learn to play your favourite songs!

Installation at the Yamaha factory

Unlike most silent systems, Yamaha's Silent and TransAcoustic systems are installed during the manufacturing process. Yamaha piano actions are designed to accommodate these systems, so you can be sure of the highest quality performance and reliability. Nothing has been compromised!

Register your piano to claim an extra 5 years warranty for FREE!

Yamaha offers all acoustic piano customers 5 years warranty on a new piano and 2-year warranty on included electronics as standard. However, if you register your piano with Yamaha to increase that to 10 years warranty on the piano and 5 years on electronics. This extended warranty ensures your investment is protected for added peace of mind.

For more information, or to register your instrument and claim your warranty, click the link below.


More useful information

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Spec Specification
Yamaha b2 TC3 TransAcoustic Upright Piano
Dimensions:Width150cm (59")
Height113cm (44 1/2")
Depth54cm (21 1/4")
Weight208 kg (459 lb)
Control Interface
KeyboardKey Surfaces - WhiteAcrylic resin
Key Surfaces - BlackPhenolic resin
HammerTypeb Series Special
PedalTypeDamper/Silencing pedal/Soft
Design/Architecture DetailCaster typeSingle caster
Sensor System:Key SensorsNon-contact continuous detection electromagnetic inductive sensor
Damper PedalContinuous detection sensor
Soft/Shift PedalOn/Off detection sensor
Silencing SystemMechanismHammer shank stopper operated by center pedal
Soundbord Drive SystemMechanismTransAcoustic™ technology
Tone GenerationPiano SoundYamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial
Binaural SamplingYes (Yamaha CFX,Bösendorfer Imperial)
Grand Expression ModelingYes
Key-off SamplesYes
Smooth ReleaseYes
Polyphony (max.)256
Number of Voices12
Stereophonic OptimizerYes (piano Voices other than “CFX Grand” and “Bösendorfer”)
Songs (MIDI):
PresetNumber of Preset Songs12 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Classics
RecordingNumber of songs10
Number of Tracks2
Data Capacity(max.)approx. 500 KB
FormatPlaybackSMF (Format 0, Format 1)
RecordingSMF (Format 0)
Recording/Playback (Audio):Recording Time (max.)80 minutes/Song
FormatPlaybackWAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
RecordingWAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)
Functions:Rhythm Patterns20
Overall ControlsMetronomeYes
Tempo Range5 – 500
Transpose-12 – 0 – +12
Tuning414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
Control InterfaceDisplay7-Seg
BluetoothYes (Audio/MIDI) *May not have this functionality depending on your area. Check with your Yamaha dealer.
Storage and Connectivity:
StorageInternal Memoryapprox. 1.3 MB
External DrivesUSB flash drive
ConnectivityHeadphonesStereo mini jack (x2)
AUX INStereo mini jack
Power Supply:AC AdaptorPA-500 (or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha)
Power Consumption17 W (When using PA-500 AC adaptor)
Auto Power OffYes
Accessories:AC adaptor
power cord
attachment screws for headphone hanger
Owners manual
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